Success Stories


Brian I. Gilpin, Inc. | Brian Gilpin, Owner

"Net-Flow is able to do what your average computer-networking guru can't. Their efforts have greatly enhanced my business."


Napa Chamber of Commerce | Kate King, CEO

"Net-Flow is highly productive and a great vendor. I have confidence in what they says and highly recommend them as a business partner."


Napa Barrel Care | Mike Blom, Owner

"Net-Flow, and thier staff, work to take your concept and make all the technical behind-the-scenes issues work seamlessly to provide a final product that makes your company look professional."


Soft Flex Company | Jared Reed, Purchasing/IT

"We turn to Net-Flow for all kinds of things, from random Windows problems to more advanced stuff like hardware. They've helped me through some rough times - you know like when the whole system crashes and everyone is in water. They come through for us every time."


NAPA EMERGENCY WOMEN'S SERVICES | Shea Avery, Executive Director

"We work in a crisis mode here at NEWS. We don't have until tomorrow morning. We appreciate Net-Fow's efficiency and timeliness. The sense I get is total dedication. You don't always get geniuses who are also nice but Net-Flow has them."

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